Tour Of Up State New York NudistParks Part Deux: Bonita and Juniper Woods Nudist Resorts!

[ 7 01 2012 UPDATE: Sadly, Bonita Nudist Club has since been sold and became a textile family campground. We’ll miss you Bonita! ]
Nudist Parks Tour – To continue the story of our Nudist Club Tour & Road Trip, our next area was Bonita Nudist resort or better yet – nudist parkIn comparison with Sunny Rest, Bonita is an extremely rustic, peaceful location, located in the Catskills in upstate NY.
Annie, who runs and manages Bonita with her husband Jerry, toured us around through and quaintly decorated RV sites. Afterward we set up our tent again at an enclosed woodsy area. Then we took a swim in the very clean and peaceful lake (see pictures above) and passed some time with a couple folks also taking in the sun. Additionally they have an outdoor pool (not yet opened because of the recent thunderstorms) and a hot tub situated in a gazebo outdoors.
A potluck clothing optional dinner was occurring at 6 o’ clock, and though we did not have anything to bring, everyone welcomed us. I discovered the owners as well as members at Bonita to be the most amiable folks of all the places we’ve been to recently.
We dined in their outdoor pavilion with some excellent food, and later on people gathered around their big fire pit to talk and love the summery night. (They also have an indoor nudist clubhouse.) After we turned in for the night, Jerry came up to warn us about more serious thunderstorms coming in. Seeing as their bathhouse had a tree on it from the last set of storms, I made us sit in the car for a little bit. Seemed like a great decision when the hail came.

To sum up, we had an overall very positive experience at Bonita, and loved the more relaxing and secluded experience in nature. We definitely recommend Bonita naturist club as a great nude weekend getaway.
[UPDATE: Unfortunately, Bonita Nudist Parkhas since been sold and became a textile family campground. We will miss you Bonita!]
On Monday we decided to visit Juniper Woods, situated on the other side of the Catskills, before heading back home to textile city. We took Rt 88, which has an irrationally low speed limit but lots of cops, so word to the wise ’cause I got a speeding ticket 😦 Arriving around lunchtime, we enjoyed some grilled food near the pool while speaking to the owners Peggy and Jim, who is the president of AANR East.
They also serve breakfast in the morning, but not dinner. (Prices are acceptable). From what we saw, Juniper has a pleasant feeling and scenic grounds. Its facilities include a pool, hot tub / dialog pool, large clubhouse with games and a pool table.
Near the entrance there are ponds you’ll be able to fish in. What I found intriguing was their lenient rules on body jewelry and nipple piercings, which I inquired about after noticing a man with some genital jewelry walking around. Though there are little children and families who are members, it’s allowed as long as it isn’t obscene Really progressive!
So that was the end of our clothing optional mini tour. As I wasn’t happy about getting redressed on a hot sunny day, Jordan suggested I drive naked and see how long I could get away with it. But one ticket being enough for that day, I got dressed.
Up State New York Naturist Parks Tour Area 2
Bonita Up State New York Fkk Park
Views of the lake at Bonita – RIP You Will Be Missed 😦
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