By the mid-1990s NAC had become an efficient political action group whose professionalism and effectiveness had engendered respect from naturist and non-naturists groups alike. Soon however, the board had to recognize its demand for some support. Having become quite adept at finding anti-nudity laws even before it became known to the general public, and learning techniques to defeat it in legislative committees, NAC wanted to expand on its own success. In 1995 NAC created the Naturist Action Committee Area Representative plan. For instance, someone from a plage support group in California might become a NACAR to track action at that specific plage for the NAC board member covering California. THE NACAR would also be in a position locally to look out for any city, county, or state anti-nudity laws. If bills, ordinances, or changes in law enforcement appear, the NACAR would be in an excellent position to garner support from local naturists to help NAC defend the place’s naturist freedoms. In 1996 NEF established an analogous program of Naturist Education Foundation Area Representatives (i.e. NEFARs) who wish to assist NEF in encouraging nudism, but who aren’t especially interested in doing the political or legislative work on which NAC tends to concentrate much of its energy. After going through the learning procedure of creating and dissolving the NLC, NNLC, and ACFRI, The Naturist Society appears to have hit upon a recipe for success with NAC. In 1998, the premier activist group for nudism boasted a 96 percent success rate in challenging anti-nudity legislation. There’s today a trusted heart of committee members, NACARS, professional volunteers, and financial contributors. In 1994 NAC kept Washington lobbyist Scootch Pankonin to assist the board on national and state nudity policy and legislation issues. Coupled with the monthly NAC/NEF Newsletter and timely letters to specific regions, the NAC Alarms have proven invaluable in marshaling immediate grassroots naturist support when the need arises. When it is true that success is copied, subsequently NAC has much to boast of. In the last few years the American Association for Nude Recreation has watched NAC develop and demonstrate its effectiveness with a relatively small budget.

As FKK has NAC, now AANR has GAT (Government Affairs Team). Seeing NAC’s success in working with Scootch Pankonin, GAT hired a lobbyist of its own. Observing the advantages of NAC’s NACAR plan, GAT has recently formed a similar GAT Member Plan. After NAC decided not to give half control of its NAC Alerts over to AANR, GAT developed its own on-line L.A.W. (Legislative Recognition Watch) Alarms. At this point GAT has all but in its organization and fashion. GAT is trying to use its grassroots resources (vast as they are), but the ability still tends to remain rather top heavy. NAC’s “authority” to the degree it’s any, stays firmly rooted in the FKK membership. The NAC board takes as its duty to help people, clubs, and other naturist groups as they submit ideas for defending or improving naturist freedoms. In a fresh millennium, when beach teen pusy and corporate paradigms are taken as axiomatic, a volunteer grassroots organization might seem anachronistic. But so far it has worked astonishingly well.
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